I (Dave Colley) started disrupted.news as a place where industry disruptors can tell their stories. With detailed user reviews from people who recognise it’s more the idea, than if everything works perfectly.

It’s all about the Why.

My why РI think disruptors are cool and more people should know about them.

Too many cool companies are limited by the conventional channels available. Diluted across the either by industry news or too general news.

The great part, is that they/you don’t have to create any additional content, merely share (or give me permission to share) as relevant:

1) For key stories – Published on the website
Basically the story behind the company, the why РI will re-publish them on my website basically I just need 1- article/video link, 2- permission and a 3 Рhigh quality image

2) For general stories – Published on the Facebook page

3) For blogs and user reviews – Published by anyone (lightly moderated) directly on the Facebook group

Oh and because I wanted to see if I could create a 4 Hour Startup.

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