Blockchain is Taking Its Rightful Place

Blockchain is Taking Its Rightful Place

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2018 is set to be the year where blockchain tech really does come into its own. We are now moving into an exciting new sphere where plans are coming off the drawing board and put into practice.

If you thought the buzz about blockchain tech peaked last year, you haven’t seen anything yet. The focus was mainly on Bitcoin, but we’ll move past that in 2018 and start seeing other blockchain based applicationss for their real value. Bitcoin will still be a hot topic, but we will start to see blockchain tech in action outside cryptocurrency as well. Many different industries are starting to invest in blockchain technology, including national banks, U.S. defense services, IT companies like IBM, and many more. A study recently conducted showed that some countries are even starting to implement blockchain tech into their voting system, for greater transparency.

But, what industries are being disrupted by blockchain technology? That’s the thing that few people understand – this tech can be applied to just about all industries. But, in the interests of giving you a good place to start, we have compiled this comprehensive infographic of industries that have already been affected.

There are a lot more projects in the pipeline – every day new applications are conceived. Not all will make it through to the real world applications, but many will. That is what makes this tech the most interesting sector to watch over the next couple of years.

Read more about the disruptions caused already and maybe you can come up with a winning idea of your own.

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