A Solution to Cape Town’s parking war zone

A Solution to Cape Town’s parking war zone

It is a standard Friday afternoon in Cape Town. You’ve decided to venture into the CBD to meet up with some friends to celebrate the end of the week.

The first thing stands out more than a clown in a marching band is the congestion. Cars of every shape and size cram every street, their sweaty inhabitants cursing at each other and trying to take every opportunity to move even the slightest inch.

Essentially, the whole situation resembles something of a war zone. After what seems like an eternity, you eventually stumble across an oasis in this stressful desert of motoring hell, a parking spot. Granted, it is not particularly close to where you need to be, it is a parking spot nonetheless.

You breathe a sigh of relief as you turn off the ignition. However, your ordeal is not over yet. One of two things is about to happen. Either you are greeted by a city parking official who expects you to know exactly how long you planned to be parked there, and waiting to charge you enough to mortgage a house just to park for an hour or so. The other, far worse thing that could happen is that you are accosted by a “car guard” who expects you to pay them for looking after your car even though you could probably get drunk off of their breath.

This could all have been avoided. The introduction of an electric scooter to the situation would have made the world of difference. The scooter would have allowed easier navigation through the traffic and would have been small and light enough to pick up and take with you into your destination. You could cut a ton of stress from your life, for something that when compared to a car is cheaper to run, better for the environment and doesn’t even need a license to operate.

It all makes complete sense, and if more people were to get them, the daily hell of traffic could be reduced down to more of a mild irritation. The good news is that that day could become a possibility in the not too future with the launch of Go Electric Solutions, and the DYU-D2 Plus Folding Electric Bike, South Africa’s first folding electric bike. See it for yourself, visit Go Electric Solutions today and become part of the change!

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