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Every year book lovers spend millions of dollars on books they never finish, because there is no easy way of finding the right book. But now Shelftaught takes the gamble out of the search for a great read.

ShelfTaught is designed to help users choose their next read intelligently.

Other websites rank books on popularity by relying on best seller lists or unvetted voting, making it hard for readers to find suggestions for useful niche books; like the best crochet books or small business marketing books.

ShelfTaught uses an algorithm to combine individuals’ book suggestions whilst taking into account their professional and personal expertise. This creates a book recommendation engine that is precise, and based on recommendations from people in the know, rather than a popularity contest.

On ShelfTaught, one can connect with other users, endorse their skills and be a part of the world’s best book recommendation engine.

No matter how niche a persons’ interests are users can find high quality recommendations in any topic saving them time and money.

“I bought a project management book off of Amazon because it had a lot of 5 star reviews, but it was way too basic.” – Anna in London

The site is focused on Non-fiction readers and is attracting users who are tired of existing platforms such as Goodreads

“Wow. Exactly what I was looking for. Goodreads seriously needs a better alternative, especially for non-fiction.” – Nayan on Product Hunt.

ShelfTaught’s appeals to book worms who want to share with the world all the books they have read and the knowledge they’ve acquired. The easy to use interface and clean display makes displaying an online library, simple and attractive.

Goodreads’ users can copy their full library across with the click of a button.

Visit the site at to find your next favourite book, show your knowledge off to the world, and be a part of the world’s best book recommendation engine.

ShelfTaught launched in February 2018  and was founded by Duncan Garde. Duncan is a self-proclaimed geek, who taught himself to code from scratch and then built the site in his spare time.

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